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IVR Encyclopaedia of Jurisprudence, Legal Theory and Philosophy of Law

The IVR Encyclopaedia of Jurisprudence, Legal Theory and Philosophy of Law is intended to provide an online resource for legal scholars, practitioners and students. It seeks to provide accessible explanation of some of the most important philosophical ideas and theories, highlighting the connections between ordinary legal scholarship and philosophy. A legal scholar carrying out research on, say, 'statutory interpretation' often relies on philosophical assumptions concerning argumentation, the nature of law, legitimacy and other important ideas; a philosophical entry in the Encyclopaedia is intended to deepen the scholar's understanding of these underlying assumptions and the various views on these assumptions being debated in the literature. In contrast, a legal philosopher theorizing about legal concepts might not always be aware of how the content of the law incorporates and expresses such concepts; an entry written by a doctrinal scholar about the content might enlighten a legal philosopher concerning the contents of the law.

To achieve these general purposes, the IVR Encyclopaedia will generally consist of brief entries, about 2,500 words each, showing links of juristic method to controversial philosophical assumptions on matters of importance to the legal community. Each entry will aim at making it comprehensible for legal scholars, legal practitioners, philosophers and social researchers why legal philosophy is relevant for their work. Where possible, the entries will link philosophical concepts and ideas to the content of law and ordinary legal practice. The main idea is to make inter-connections between different problems more accessible than they are now. Another trademark of the encyclopaedia is its flexibility. The list of entries will be continually updated.

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